Thursday, September 17, 2009


I haven't blogged in ages. I don't think I have the inspiration anymore. *gasps*
All my friends are leaving. I'm gonna be all alone. NOOOOO!
Okay, done freaking out.

Today, I'm going out with Anita. Possibly our last hang out in like 9 months. I actually can't wait to lepak. It's been quite a week. My mum's in UK (United Kingdom, ar) and I'm pretty much cleaning the house. Well, to the best of my ability at least. To add to THAT... I may have classes till 9pm tonight. Like wtf right?
Why oh why did I fall sick last year? Why oh why????! I could be in UNI already. Pffffffffttttttt.

I have a quiz in like an hour and half from now. And I haven't a clue what's coming out. RAAAARRRRR. Maybe I'm doomed to work for the Town a freaking sweeper.

But then again, I do wash plates pretty well. So there's the restaurant business too.



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Aaron Oo said...

Hey Theishini, i've changed my blog address. It's

I'm sure you'll find it on my profile. By the way, how's life keeping up with you?

Aaron Oo