Sunday, August 16, 2009

Of bindhis and pottus

I may know how to do a lot of things (like speed at 150 km/hr with a teeny weenie Proton Saga) but I doubt I'll ever master the art of shaving my legs. Yes, the hair follicles on my legs are indeed quite active. I am Indian after all (a blessing and a curse). I've used countless shavers, from Gillete Venus which costs a bomb to the Schick (I think that's how you spell it), and yet I get nicks all over! It's not so much the blood that bothers me, but the nagging slightly burning sensation afterward is really really annoying!

Here's a fun fact : Apparently, even though hair is made up of the structural protein called keratin *if I'm not mistaken* in most mammals... There's a difference when it comes to gender and RACE!

Conversation with my guy pals:

And I quote "On guys it's okay lah... I mean the hair is different lah when it's on girls"

I watched my guy pals thrash some (Chinese) girls for having too much hair! (It seems it's rare for them to have any hair at all)

And I for one was offended! *I was focusing on the being a girl part*

"I'm sorry I'm a furball" I said to them.

And they turned to me and said,

"No, you're okay. You're Indian."

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