Saturday, August 1, 2009

EM vs M

Okay, so we've all heard Mariah Carey's new single "Obsessed". I mean, how can you not, right? It's all over the radio. It's a really nice song and all, but I honestly think that woman is a little whacked! She married Nick Cannon. He's like a CHILD. And super unsuccessful (in comparison to her of course). Wait, I only remember him for ALL THAT (a Nickelodeon show back in the day) and some lame movie called Drumline. He is JUST unsuccessful. Okay, I'm going a little off track here. So, Mariah apparently wrote the song to spite Eminem (real smart, eh?)but she's denying the song has anything to do with him. I can't seem to feature the video to the song but I do have the link.

Here's the sound clip though:

Eminem gave her a reply. I heard it and I'm like... why even bother attacking Eminem? He's not afraid to say anything!! Aiyo!

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